..And He speaks with him face to face as one speaks to a friend (2)

It's time men take their place with God. While dating, I remember some of the conversations my husband and I had. I remember him telling me that all I had to do was take care of our home spiritually while he provided for us. I remember being okay with it back then like "Afterall, that... Continue Reading →

.. And He speaks with him face to face as one speaks to a friend

A while ago, I was part of a ladies fellowship. During one of our fellowship sessions, although I cannot fully remember what we talked about that day, but I remember one of the ladies in the group talking about how women always have to go on their knees all the time to pray for their... Continue Reading →

The Strength of Gentleness

A tamed horse is no less stronger than a wild horse. It can go just as long and run just as fast. A lot of times, we take gentleness to be synonymous to weakness, but the┬áBible says.. "The meek will inherit the earth".. Matt. 5:5 A gentle person does not overreact. A gentle person is... Continue Reading →

N E H E M I A H (2)

The Book of Nehemiah is one of the greatest stories on leadership in the Bible. It narrates how to discern a vision on your purpose, how to ask for what you want persuasively, how to communicate the vision, how to recruit people, how to delegate a team, and how to keep going and persevering in... Continue Reading →

N E H E M I A H (1)

So Nehemiah 1 starts with him serving as a wine steward in the palace of King Artaxerxes of Persia. Some of the survivors of the exile including his brothers come to visit him in Persia. He inquires about Jerusalem and the other people who had returned form exile, and they tell him about the state... Continue Reading →

Can all of me contain All Of You?

So after reading the "Glory story" about how God revealed Himself to Moses, i made a new year prayer plan to pray less "God enlarge my coast" prayers and more "All of You God" prayers. I ditched the "2018 is my year of increase, breakthroughs, promotions, testimonies, and all types of adjectives we use to... Continue Reading →

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